• ***AEG T86280IC***
  • ***TOP QUALITY***
  • ***BIG 8KG LOAD***
  • ***PROTEX DRUM***

AEG T86280IC

    • ***AEG T86280IC***
    • ***TOP QUALITY***
    • ***BIG 8KG LOAD***
    • ***PROTEX DRUM***
    • ***INVERTER DRIVE***

    Silence is golden.

    The same inverter motor technology that ensures a long lifetime and gentle drying also gives ultra silent operation. With Silent System, a specially engineered drying circuit and noise insulated cabinet mean even the most powerful cycles are no louder than 62dB(A).

    Wide door opening and transparent door. The XXL drum has a 380mm wide porthole making it extremely easy to load and unload even your largest duvets. Our double-glazed glass door in our ProTex dryers, ensures the exterior touch temperature is always extremely cool. It offers an elegant design feature that's a perfect match for our ProTex washing machines.
    . 8kg Drying Load
    . Sensor Drying
    . 16 drying programmes
    . LCD display
    . Delay Start up to 20hr
    . Protex Drum
    . OptiSense
    . Internal Light

    A Top Tech Condenser tumble dryer from AEG, Quality Build.

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    • Don't Forget 6 Months Warranty inc.
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