During these uncertain times we are still working hard to ensure our customers do not have the added stress of a broken appliance at home. Our parts supply chains are working well and we do carry many spares as stock-able items.

Our engineers will be wearing a face mask and will be adhering to the Government guidelines on hygiene and social distancing.

If at all possible would would ask once the Engineer is shown to the faulty appliance if he could then be left to work on his own, he will call you when he has an update or has finished the Job. All our vans have hand sanitisers and hand cleaning equipment but if they can wash their hands in your sink when finished this would be greatly appreciated.

We will ask our customers when booking a repair if there have been any symptoms of Covid-19 in the property or if anyone has been exposed to it. This is for the safety of our Customers and our Engineers.

We can now only offer a Doorstep delivery when purchasing one of our Reconditioned Appliances. All machines will come ready to go and will include all the relevant connections and pipes required. We can still remove your old appliance but it must be on the door step and ready to go.

We are monitoring events daily and will post updates if required to do so.


Were all in it together. Stay Safe Everyone.

Thanks from All at Appliance-Fix